Spanish Skys

We’ve been on holidays in southern Spain for over a week now.  We’re staying on the Andalusian coast in a little town south of Cadiz called ‘Zahara de los Atunes’ which I found with a little bit of help and a little bit of luck. After a summer that was filled to the brim with an overseas move, a new job, a new life and an endless stream of visitors, we were looking for a holiday: a place to kick back, relax, on a beach, with weather at least 10C degrees warmer than in Paris. Zahara has fit the bill perfectly.


We’ve rented a cute little apartment with a great ocean view. Although we are staying within a large “uranización” of hundreds of condos there are only about three that actually have people in them – it is the off-season after all. The beach has been empty and endless, save for a couple of fishermen – perfect for long cathartic walks morning and evening. And, at night, the only sounds are the wind and the crashing of the waves – perfect for sleeping. Very little is open around us – no stores, few restaurants, no tourist traps. It is quiet.

Of course we’ve done a bit of exploring up and down this southern coast: we’ve visited some amazing Roman ruins at Bolonia where we also climbed a massive sand dune; we’ve visited the rock of Gibraltar, explored its’ miles of tunnels and made friends with a few of its’ hundreds of macaques. We’ve also gone to see the famous Royal Andalusian horse show in Jerez and tasted some vintage sherries for which this region is known (sadly I haven’t developed a taste for it– sherry still tastes like either bad medicine or prune juice as far as I’m concerned – sorry Jerez).

However, in spite of the many interesting things we have done and seen on this holiday, what has made the greatest impact on me in this little corner of Spain is the sky. Yes, the sky. Perhaps it is because of the breeze that is constantly arranging then rearranging the clouds? I had been warned about the wind in this area: “it’s always windy”, I was told and, to some extent that has been true. During our stay the wind has been our constant companion – a gentle breeze in the afternoon dropping off in the early evening but rising over night to what has sometimes felt like gale force levels.

We lived on the Prairies for a long time so we know about wind.  The clouds have been a surprise though. There always seem to be clouds here. It could be the time of year or it could be the changing temperatures on land and in the sea, or it could be that the sky is always this active here and no one thought to mention it to me; or maybe, now that I have time just to kick back and relax, I’m simply noticing the sky and the clouds more. Who knows?

Whatever the reason I have found the sky endlessly fascinating and beautiful in and around Zahara. I have been photographing it like a crazy person and it’s some of those photos that I want to share. Yes, photos of other sites and activities will follow but, for now, I think this gallery gives you a sense of the varied and wonderful holiday we’ve had. Enjoy!


      • Isn’t it? I’ve lived here for 13 years and still enjoy the sights as if I were a tourist. There’s always something fun and exciting going on somewhere in Madrid . (Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this to someone who lives in Paris :-D) Anyways, it’s good to know you’re enjoying yourselves. Maybe, in a future visit, we could meet up and I could show you around… By the way, looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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      • Thanks – next time we’re there would love to spend a couple of hours wandering and taking photos with you. We had a short, but very fun time in Madrid. It is indeed a VERY livable city. Love the atmosphere! We stayed across from Retiro Park which was great. Can’t wait for a longer return visit so I can actually take my time.

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      • Thanks. Just sorting through some of my photos from Spain. Although the holiday was more about hanging out than taking pics I do have a few that I’ll be posting. Can’t wait to return!

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