image Red is a Canadian Colour

Happy May Day! Surely winter is behind us now and we can look forward to warmer days, brighter nights, short shirts, skirts and shorts as well as sandals. My theme for May will be “Red” (and maybe a little white and blue too). Why red? In no particular order here are my reasons:

– Although it’s early in the month I’ve seen a lot of “red” already – failed internet, electricity that keeps cutting out, service people who show up either really late or really early – I’ve been angry and frustrated for a number of days now and I need an outlet for all my “red”

– Red is the colour of energy and action, it ignites.

– Red is the colour of passion and sexuality, it stimulates.

– In some cultures red is the colour for “good luck”, and we can all use a little of that now and then.

– Red is an awesome colour to photograph!


This little Canadian is one of 21 bronze statues of children from different countries created in 2001 by French sculpture Rachid Khimoune.  The installation represents the rights of children around the world and is free to view at the Parc Bercy in Paris.

You can see red all over the place if you visit Canada: our flag has a big red maple leaf in the middle of it and, in the fall, our maple trees turn brilliant shades of red.

I always think of Canada when I see the colour red.

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