image Snack anyone?

These are called ‘Mopane worms’ although they are actually caterpillars.  They are quite nutritious as they are rich in protein.  I tried one at the Lesedi Village north of Johannesburg…it was crunchy, salty and tasted like a mouthful of seaweed.  Other than that it didn’t have much flavour.  I doubt they could replace popcorn or chips in terms of eating enjoyment but at least they’re good for you! Les 14


  1. Cannot say I would be as adventurous as you. I also did not partake of the banana beer brewed in unhygienic conditions and shared (same vessel) by groups of acquaintances when in East Africa. I vicariously enjoyed watching other curious participants! Actually there are places in Toronto where you can enjoy the nutritious protein insects, grilled, stir fried and baked 😊

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