image The Pigeon Feeder: getting closer

I saw my favourite photo subject yesterday.  He was feeding his friends and scolding anyone who came too close to the birds and frightened them.  I took photos and waited until he was finished before approaching him.  I told him that I really enjoyed photographing him and that I’ve done so on a number of occasions.  I went on to tell him that he never asks for anything even with all the photos people take and that I would like to give him something to help purchase the food for his friends.  He was very kind and friendly with me.  Although it was our first “personal” encounter I hope to have many more with this interesting, solitary man who has his pigeons for friends.

PF 1


    • Thanks Pam. It was my first effort to chat with him. I plan to do so more often – hope to be able to write a story about him one day soon. It’s hit and miss when I find him feeding the pigeons.


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