image Mannequin Monday #2: Well, HOWDY pardner – got a hankerin’ for some Indian Cuisine?

Just what every bar needs to brighten up it’s beer label wallcoverings – a plaster cowboy with a BIG moustache.  At least you can dress him up for the different seasons – but don’t expect him to stay put!



  1. I will have a new association with this Kentucky dude as a result of our evening together and your picture of course!


  2. k…thought the same thing, he looks like Colonel Sanders – please don’t tell me we have strayed from french cooking to Kentucky fried!!

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  3. It was such a fun evening! So glad we got to spend that time together. Can’t wait to meet up with you guys either here or in London!


  4. Spooky – eyes that cannot see – cannot remember seeing this plaster statue in Port Credit – will keep my eyes open near Indian Cusine by the Lake back alley

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    • No, he’s in that new restaurant ‘Door 55’. Maybe go in and add a “lei” or something fun to him then send me a pic – take Pam with you, I know she’d be into something like that. 🙂


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