image Tragedy

Although the shootings and bombings took place on the ground here in Paris last night, it is the values of all democratic nations that were attacked.  Today we are reeling, hurt, confused, sad and angry.  We cannot give in to terrorism, but we are afraid and hurt.  We believe in democracy and freedom, but we are confused.  For those whose lives were cut short by terrorism, we are sad.  However, we will not back down or cower when confronted by these terrorists – the values we hold dear are too important: Already too many wars have been fought and too many people have died to secure them for us.  We are angry and determined – but we will not return violence with violence.  Instead, we will take this day for a “fermeture exceptionnelle” to hold and comfort each other and to regroup.  But have no fear…..we will be back.  And we will be strong.

May we learn to live in Peace.

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  1. beautifully written tracey – have been following the news all day of this sad, sad event…. feeling so grateful that you and Gary are safe, feeling so sad for the lives lost. the impact is felt everywhere……

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  2. Your words capture the tragedy yet the hope that we need when confronted by mindless murder. Thanks Tracey!


    • Thanks so much Cheryl. I’ve been taking a Creative Writing course for the last couple of months. I really enjoy it and I’m working on my writing. Thanks for reading – feedback is always welcome!


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