image November 1: Time for a change

Welcome to November.

I must admit this is one of my least favourite months of the year.  Not only does it get dark earlier and the leaves fall from the trees but the skies are often grey or rainy and the bottom seems to drop out of the temperature.  Patrons to the cafés here in Paris sit huddled as close to the outdoor heaters as they can get, refusing to go indoors where smoking is not allowed.  The occasional sunny Sunday brings people out in droves, searching for just the right warm spot on the cement along the walkways of the Seine to sit and snooze for a bit.  And then…’s back to the grey, wet and cold of the work week.

All of this helps explain why I like to shake things up for myself in November: keep things interesting, add a new twist to get me excited and take my mind off the weather and the drawing to close of another year.  As part of this shake up, this month I plan to only post photos taken with the Hipstamatic app I have on my iPhone.  That’s right – a photo app…and my iPhone.  This will force me to look at my surroundings differently- to look for new angles and for interesting subject matter.

Gee I hope it works out.

Welcome to November.

File 2015-11-01, 5 55 46 PM

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