image A ‘Babe’ Comes to Town

I arrived in Paris on the exact same day as my ‘Babe’ friend Mia, her kids – Jonathon & Shelby, and her mother – Mary Jane. They’ve been on a “European explore” and their final stop is a week in Paris.   How nice to know that there’s another Babe in town to ease my transition to this new city.  And, as a bonus, they rented a cute apartment less than a 10-minute walk from ours.  This happened purely by chance without input from me. Personally I think it’s “Barma”, that’s ‘Babe Karma’ that always seems to kick in just when you need it the most.

The week passed in a whirl of basic domestic activities – unpacking, figuring out what we still need to make our apartment a “home”, buying groceries and cleaning supplies – coupled with more “touristy” activities with Mia et al including a private tour at the Louvre, riding the Roule (ferris wheel) at the Tuilleries and the ritual late night visit to the Eiffel Tower.

As an added bonus, together Mia and I developed a healthy and hearty appreciation of French Rosé wine and made great contributions to the French economy by taking advantage of the massive July sales in most stores. Nothing quite July sales à Paris

It was a wonderful week and we couldn’t have asked for better inaugural visitors. Last Supper in the Marais



  1. Hi Tracey, I miss you!!! ‘Barma’ how clever and how great that you had companionship in your first week… And a midnight trip to the Eiffel tower with plenty of rose under your belt, how perfect is that!!
    Enjoy blogging, I know that your ‘fans’ will be living vicariously through you, your pictures and your words.
    lots of love


    • Thanks Pam. Miss you too. It’s quite the adjustment being here but I must say I’m quite certain I will grow to love it. I’m quite comfortable with the chaos – it feels like “life” to me!


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