What will Gary actually be doing in Paris?

Now that people seem to be getting used to the idea that we’ll be moving “away” they keep asking me what Gary will actually be doing in his new role in Paris. Okay…as o July 1, 2015, his official title becomes “Chief Talent Officer” (CTO). Personally, I like to add the descriptor “of the World (OTW)” to the end of that title but I don’t think that’s official and it does tend to feed his super-hero alter-ego so I generally just say it quietly in my head rather than out loud.

Honestly? We’re moving to Paris because that is the Head Office for Ipsos and Gary reports directly to the President in this new role. Now the challenge is to figure out what exactly one does as CTOotw (Ipsos is a BIG company so everything is an acronym). What I’ve been able to glean from my discussions with Gary about this new role is that he’s now officially part of: MBEC, GHS, and CSR support – whatever those things are. Oh yes, and he still gets to be the Head of Ag Research Global or, as I like to say, Ipsos Ag Master of the World (another title he seems to enjoy). The way I see it, in addition to being a one-man can of Alpha-getti, he’ll also be a bit of a Simon Cowle for Ipsos – traveling the world, (hopefully) visiting all 87 countries where Ipsos operates, searching out the few talented individuals who are most able to help Ipsos achieve it’s goal of Market Research World Domination. This includes succession planning in individual countries, organizing global transfers and looking for the “Stars” in the company. The position is for 3 years and we have absolutely no idea what will happen after that.

As for me? Well, since the French government has specified that I am NOT allowed to work while I live there (darn, I was soooo looking forward to getting a job!) I guess my only option is to accompany Gary around the globe in the co-starring role of Paula Abdul to his Simon Cowle – similarly keeping him in line, arguing when necessary, interpreting foreign tongues and charming the contestants. As well, I’ve gladly accepted the positions of Chief Paparazza, Shopping Overlord and Primary Sight-seer.  Now all I need to do is find myself a few friends to fill in the empty days.


  1. Wow such a great move for Gary and I am impressed with the sacrifice you have made to tracked across Europe with him. It would be a hard task but I know you are up to it. Give,give,give it is all you do!
    Now I am going to read the rest of the posts.


  2. I don’t think you’ll have many empty days to fill. I just hope you get enough time between visitors to travel with CTOOTW!


    • Ya, it’s not too bad actually. And we’re planning a vacation for mid-October. We’re both tired and would like a break – it will be a holiday and NOT a trip.


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