3 Sleeps: Eventually you just have to go

Gary has moved. Fully and finally. He left 4 days ago. That means that I leave in just 3 more sleeps, which seems weird in a way because we’ve been “in the process” of moving for so many months now. I’ve been trying to follow the time slowly in my mind, to savour the moments and to appreciate how I feel and what I think. In the end, I think, like anything else, the anxiety and anticipation wears you down and it’s just time for things to get going. At the same time, saying good-bye, so long, adieu has been fun. I’ve had a chance to reconnect with many people – and it’s interesting to see who has and has not made an effort to connect with me before I leave. But now it feels like it’s time to stop talking about moving and saying good-bye and to just get on with everything. Let the adventure begin!

The movers came last week. Within a couple of hours they had all of our stuff wrapped, packed, labeled and loaded. We’ve completed enough paperwork to replace a tree and, from what I understand, we still have just as much paperwork to complete at the other end – en France. The French are nothing if not detailed oriented and bureaucratic.

There are, of course, a few last minute things I’m trying to deal with that have nothing to do with our move but everything to do with our homes here in Canada. First there’s the mouse situation up North, at Windrush. I’ve decided that it’s time to bring in the heavy artillery to help manage my upcoming battle with the little rodents. I suppose this is akin to calling in the US Military to settle a neighbourhood dispute but I am a little concerned that the mice may takeover our chalet if I don’t step up my game. So I’m going to meet with a Pest Control expert and go on the offensive early in the season. And, let’s be honest, setting up this meeting also means that I get to go up North earlier on Friday than I might otherwise (please let the pending thunderstorms be a mistake so I can sneak in one last swim in Georgian Bay before I move).

Second, there is the potential that the main support beam in our town home in the city has been exposed to water and is beginning to rot. Our immediate neighbours are having problems and, since they’re attached to us, there is the chance that the problem could extend through to our beam. We haven’t had the same water leakage issues they have but, to be sure there isn’t ‘un grand problem’ hiding from us in the walls, I’ve arranged for their contractor to cut a section of drywall out to check on the state of our support beam.

Because these are two things I really need to do before I move. Sigh.

The best part of my last couple of days in Canada will be one last adventure with the Babes, some of my favourite people. We’ll run in the muddy, obstacle riddled Warrior Dash at Horseshoe Resort, enjoy a delicious pulled-pork dinner party and THEN I know it will be time for me to move.

I’m ready. I’m almost finished packing my own things and I’ve taken care of as many details as I can think of.  I’ve said most of my good-byes and cancelled the papers and memberships.   I guess I’m ready, but maybe I can sneak in just one more trip to the gym ….



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